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Different Types Of Funerals In Vancouver

A funeral home can provide a variety of options to fit the specific needs and preferences of its customers. There are a few different types of funerals that funeral homes can offer their customers. To get more details about different types of funerals, you may check it here.




The traditional funeral is the most common type and typically includes a service, visitation, burial, or cremation. A memorial service may also be offered.

A Celebration of Life funeral is a more intimate service that is typically offered to the family and friends of the deceased. This type of funeral often includes a meal, music, and speakers who share memories or stories about the deceased.

An eco-funeral is a type of funeral that focuses on sustainability and reducing environmental impact. Some features of an eco-funeral may include using natural burial grounds, using recycled materials for decorations or catering, and using green transportation options to get to the funeral home.

There is also a new type of funeral known as the “Serenity Prayer Funeral”. Features of a Serenity Prayer Funeral may include an invitation to celebrate life at the service, music that is uplifting, and readings that focus on living a life of peace.

If you are planning a funeral, be sure to talk to your funeral home about what type of funeral is right for you and your loved ones.