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Challenges Of Managing Identity And Access In Enterprise Environments

Enterprises continue to automate their internal processes and acquire more applications. These applications may range in number from the dozens or hundreds to many companies and include many categories such as CRM, finance, accounting, ERP, and HR. 

Each application has its access policy to allow users access. These security functions are often custom-developed by Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and are tailored to the respective applications. The ISVs are not usually able to do this type of development, so the security functionality that results is often substandard. Companies can take the help of professionals at, they can do the job efficiently for your organization.

security management

Security access policies must change as users move around the organization, or are promoted. Security administrators must manage security policies in each application to ensure that there is a consistent security policy. This means that as much as half of the enterprise security budget is consumed by administrative labor costs. This labor-intensive process is vulnerable to errors and omissions that can lead to unauthorized access.

Software vendors have responded by creating software solutions called Identity Access Management (IAM). These software solutions are designed for enterprises to provide a single point of access, authorization, and administration. Integration with third-party applications is required.