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Can Kojic Acid Soap Permanently Lighten Skin?

Kojic acid soap brightens and lightens skin tone by inhibiting melanin production. Melanin is the pigment that gives color to the skin, eyes, and hair. Our body produces melanin with the help of an amino acid called tyrosine, so kojic acid inhibits the function of tyrosine, which, in turn, affects and reduces melanin production, and as a result, skin appears light and bright.

But your skin will appear light as long as you continue using kojic acid soap. The brightness will not reduce as soon as you stop, it will take a few months for your skin to remove to its normal skin tone. You can also look kojic acid soap before and after photos online.

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The results are temporary in the case of the usual volume of melanin that is pre-programmed right from our birth, but there is also a case when melanin is produced by our skin for protection as a result of skin damage, from excessive exposure to the sun, from a cut or as a consequence of acne or spots. 

Desired results with kojic acid may vary from person to person, depending on the skin type and the severity of the condition. Some may get results in a few weeks while some may not see results for a few months. Try to use kojic acid only for a brief period until you get the desired results.

Kojic acid is not cytotoxic (that is not harmful to live cells) and therefore cannot permanently lighten your skin tone. However, you can enjoy the results as long as kojic acid soap is used. Also, it can permanently lighten skin tone when skin darkening has been caused by temporary skin damages like acne and hyperpigmentation.