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Are Retro Arcade Games Still Popular Today?

In the past these video game hubs were popular among children in the 1970s and 1980s, many old fuddy-duddies thought a Space Invaders machine would be a passing trend.

As the years passed, technology advances allowed for new ways of playing classic arcade games such as skeeball and pinball. Now you can purchase these arcade machines through websites like Many companies still provide you with the old arcade games that are easy to play and can be installed at your home or at a restaurant business.

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Technology's advancements have almost made the arcade obsolete. The popularity of home consoles meant that kids no longer had to pay quarters to play video games.

The arcade offered more than just Super Mario Bros. on their TVs. Experts had written the arcade's final obituary in late 1980s. But what these pundits didn’t know was that the scene would soon enjoy a revival.

Arcades have crossed generations

For kids in the 1970s, it was a right of passage to make the pilgrimage at the arcade. It was also for children of the 1980s. This was true even for the new generation of '90s. A good arcade is still the best place to go, even with all the handheld and home consoles available.

Fighting games such as "Double Dragon" or "Street Fighter II", became very popular, bringing kids out of their homes and into the arcades. Motivation was just as strong as in the 1970s: people could ignite their competitive fires, and compete against gamers they hadn't even met.