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Acute & Chronic Wounds

May 18, 2020 Health and Fitness

Intense wounds are the ones that heal within a specified period, usually a couple of weeks in a healthy individual. But when intense wounds don't heal correctly or stagnated recovery these are categorized as chronic.

The reason for not healing could be many, in a chronic wound. This could be because of a lack of suitable blood supply and/or sufficient oxygen needed for normal wound healing.

chronic wound care

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Oxygen or blood supply into the wound could be curtailed as a result of constant localized pressure over the wound that compress both venous and arterial vessels. Because of this there is a decrease in nourishment and oxygen supply to the cells, which results in tissue breakdown.

While treating chronic wounds we should take into account all inner health and outside environmental hurdles which will affect body parts affected by the wound. Unless these problems are addressed effective healing of a chronic wound will not occur.

Goals need to be accomplished when treating the consequences of acute or chronic nature. These are:

1. Addressing internal medical problems and outside environmental problems.

2. Getting all chronic wounds to convert to acute wounds by:

a. debridement of necrotic tissue

B. decrease bioburden: Bioburdens include non-viable tissue, excessive bacterial count, disease, edema, and overseas substances. If bioburdens are found, they will stop white blood cells in curing the wound.

C. improve wound nourishment.