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A Managed IT Services Provider

For most companies, managed services are no longer just a cheap alternative to home services. These services are now playing an important role in changing and improving the way we do our day-to-day operations. Our day-to-day business relies heavily on IT and security is our top priority. 

As a result, managed IT services providers are now offering managed services as dedicated standalone services that provide comprehensive solutions to your challenges including landscape, industry compliance with technology standards, pressures on people and skills, data penetration, and data management.

Regardless of the economic downturn or global recession, general market research shows that managed security in managed IT services has increased by 8% since 2009. To date, companies have not relied on third parties to manage their services to prevent any form of data transmission or exploitation. 

To complement the growth of the managed IT and services industry, there was recently a merger of several big names such as VeriSign which was acquired by Secure Works, after which Cyber Trust, ISS, and Counterpane were also very successful in expanding managed security. 

Cost is a big concern when we need to move to new technology or try a new implementation, but managed security has a greater impact or relationship with optimal performance of business operations in general. 

Managed services from IT service providers include a wide range of professional and high-level services, including application protection, managed firewalls, application security scanning, and deep testing to make applications in use more secure.